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Richards Canoe

How much do you think
Henry Richards paid for this canoe?

Henry Richards paid $30 for the canoe and
two paddles! That is less than $1.70 a foot. Today,
a master birchbark canoe builder might charge as much as $1,000 a foot to build a similar craft.

The Richards' Birchbark Canoe

• ca. 1876

• Birchbark & cedar with fabric patches

• Length: 18 feet 3 inches

• Width: 34.5 inches at the gunwales


A canoe with a wonderful history – this well-used Native America built boat remained in one New England family for over 130 years. Tudor and John Richards II, grandsons of
the original purchaser, donated this canoe to the Abbe Museum in the summer of 2006.


In the 1870s, Henry Richards, a young architect from Gardiner, Maine, traveled by steamer to Bar Harbor to supervise the construction of a summer home for Mrs. Charles Dorr. On that same steamer, a yet-to-be-identified Indian was carrying a fleet of bark canoes that he would rent to Bar Harbor's burgeoning tourist population. Richards, fascinated with these canoes, purchased this canoe before disembarking the steamer!



Jeanne Scheno Basket Collection

Fruit and vegetable baskets made by Clara and Rocky Keezer, 2007-2008

Jeanne Scheno Basket Collection

• 36 contemporary Wabanaki baskets

• Keezer family Passamaquoddy baskets

• Fred Tomah's Katahdin Arctic Butterfly Basket


Jeanne Scheno has been collecting contemporary
Wabanaki baskets for a number of years, and decided it
was time for her collection to go to a museum where many people could enjoy it. So in 2010 she decided to donate
her collection to the Abbe. The collection includes a wide variety of baskets made by Passamaquoddy basketmaker Clara Keezer, a National Endowment for the Arts National Heritage Fellowship award winner, and her sons Rocky and Kenny. Two of Fred Tomah's (Maliseet) signature basket styles
are also part of the Scheno Collection. Photos of each of the
baskets can be seen on the Abbe's Flikr page:

Jeanne Scheno Basket Collection images

















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