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Strawberry Basket

Most fancy baskets are woven around blocks.
Once a basket is completed, the blocks are
removed by taking out the core piece, first.

Strawberry Basket & Block

• Strawberry Basket by Molly Neptune Parker,
Passamaquoddy, ca. 1985

• Basket: 14 cm high, 11 cm diameter


• Strawberry Basket Block by Richard Love,

Penobscot, 2000

• Block: 16 cm high, 12.5 cm diameter


Most fancy baskets are woven around blocks.
Basketmakers use the molds to make tightly woven
baskets of uniform sizes.


Blocks like this strawberry basket come in several pieces. During the weaving process, the block is held together by
string. Once the basket is completed, the maker can remove
the block by first removing the core piece.


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