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Waponahki Student Art Show A Collaboration





The 2010 Waponahki Student Art Show brings together a wonderful variety of art created by Passamaquoddy and Penobscot students from the early childhood education programs through high school. Using a wide array of media, these young artists incorporate traditional beliefs and values with the modern, multi-cultural world around them. From the sunrise that gives the Waponahki, People of the Dawn, their name, to the animals in the natural world around them, from powerful spiritual animals like the eagle and the turtle, to Guitar Hero and Olympic figure skaters, the students show us their world through their eyes.


Maine Indian Education, comprised of Beatrice Rafferty School at Pleasant Point, Indian Island School on Indian Island, and Indian Township School at Peter Dana Point, is extremely proud of its students and is proud to support
this exhibition that provides a showcase for the students' artwork.


As Beth Clifford, Curriculum Coordinator of Maine Indian Education, affirms, "The Waponahki Student Art Show provides the students of Maine Indian Education with an opportunity unlike any other. Imagine the look on the students' faces when they step into the Abbe Museum to see, for the first time, their own artwork framed and/or displayed as it would be in any museum setting!


See the student artwork.


The Abbe Museum would like to thank all those who contributed
to the success of the 2010 Waponahki Student Art Show:


Beth Clifford, Curriculum Coordinator, Maine Indian Education

A Very Special Thank You

Heather Cramer, Art Teacher, Beatrice Rafferty School

Ellen Nicholas, Art Teacher, Beatrice Rafferty School

Steve Braziller, Art Teacher, Indian Township School

Michael Vermette, Art Teacher, Indian Island School

Dawn Loper, Art Teacher, Calais High School

Jessica Barnes, Art Teacher, Orono High School

Emily Rideout, Art Teacher, Lee Academy

Kathy Elmore, Art Teacher, Bangor High School

Eric Hutchins, Art Teacher, Bangor High School

Sarah Tabor, Art Teacher, Bangor High School


With gratitude to the following friends for their support:

Ronald Jenkins, Superintendent, Maine Indian Education

Michael W. Chadwick, Principal, Beatrice Rafferty School

Linda McLeod, Principal, Indian Island School

Ralph Shannon, Principal, Indian Township School


And to all the students, parents, elders and community members who recognize the value of the arts and arts education in our schools and communities.





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