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Waponahki Student Art Show


A collaboration of Maine Indian Education and the Abbe Museum


Waponahki Student Art

The Abbe Museum, in partnership with Maine Indian Education, is pleased to present the 10th Waponahki Student Art Show. This annual exhibition demonstrates the strong collaborative spirit of two institutions devoted to promoting art education and Waponahki culture. We are thrilled to have the work of these talented young Waponahki artists coloring the walls of the Abbe and helping to celebrate the arrival of spring!


As guests of the Waponahki Student Art Show, we are invited on a unique journey into the imaginations of these young people; through their expressive works of art we glimpse their lives, culture and natural surroundings. Eagles, salmon, ravens, deer, bears, medicine wheels, dream catchers, trees, flowers and people dancing are some of the images you will see captured in crayon, paint, construction paper, colored pencil and collage.

The 37 featured artists are from the Penobscot Nation at Indian Island, and the Passamaquoddy Tribe at Indian Township and Pleasant Point. They range in age from pre-kindergarten through the twelfth grade. The styles, mediums and images vary throughout the exhibition, but nature and culture clearly have a strong presence in many of the works. One can often see the face of nature reflected back and colored by brushstrokes of culture. The words used by the students to describe the inspiration for their art are straightforward and simple, but can be both moving and provocative at once.


See the student artwork >


The Abbe Museum would like to thank all those who contributed to the success
of the 2011 Waponahki Student Art Show:

A Very Special Thank You

Beth Clifford, Curriculum Coordinator, Maine Indian Education
Ellen Nicholas, Art Teacher, Beatrice Rafferty School
Beth Seilonen, Art Teacher, Indian Township School
Michael Vermette, Art Teacher, Indian Island School
Dawn Loper, Art Teacher, Calais High School
Jessica Barnes, Art Teacher, Orono High School
Rachel Betterley, Art Teacher, Old Town High School
Emily Rideout, Art Teacher, Lee Academy
Sarah Tabor, Art Teacher, Bangor High School


With gratitude to the following friends for their support:

Ronald Jenkins, Superintendent, Maine Indian Education

Michael W. Chadwick, Principal, Beatrice Rafferty School

Linda McLeod, Principal, Indian Island School

Ralph Shannon, Principal, Indian Township School


And to all the students, parents, elders and community members who recognize the value of the arts and arts education in our schools and communities.





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