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"Wabanaki People – A Story of Cultural Continuity"
An Online Curriculum Presented by the Abbe Museum

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Online Curriculum

The Abbe Museum's online curriculum, "Wabanaki People – A Story of Cultural Continuity" is available to download as a PDF.

This unit is designed for educators interested in Wabanaki Studies, Maine Studies and/or for educators planning a visit to the Abbe Museum.


Students use events from the Abbe Museum Online Timeline of Wabanaki History to demonstrate how Wabanaki peoples have maintained their cultural identity over time. The online timeline is a digital recreation of the Timeline Exhibit: from the Present to the Past at the Abbe Museum in Bar Harbor, Maine. The online timeline includes over 100 entries in addition to primary source documents and definitions of key words.


Students demonstrate this knowledge in a variety of written and visual products by taking on the persona of an independent filmmaker. As independent filmmakers, students will write a movie synopsis, create a storyboard for a movie and produce an iMovie.


Topics covered include:

• Cultural Awareness

• Teaching About Stereotyping

• Who are the Wabanaki?

• Core Elements of Wabanaki Culture

• Exploring the Online Timeline of Wabanaki History


The complete curriculum is available in PDF format with links to each section in the table of contents. Download the complete curriculum (1.4 MB .pdf)


Supplementary Lesson Plan Downloads:


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